There’s no denying the fact that video games have evolved and online play is now an accepted part of any kid’s gaming experience. While there are undoubtedly online video games that are inappropriate for children, there are quite a few that provide a safe environment for young players to experience multiplayer gaming without the need for parental supervision at all times.

Here are some fun online video games for kids of all ages to play by themselves.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are modern entries in the long-running Pokemon roleplaying games that first began way back in the 90’s on the Nintendo Gameboy.

In addition to featuring some genuinely enjoyable single-player offline story campaigns that will keep players of all ages busy for days, each Pokemon game also supports online multiplayer in the form of Pokemon trading and battles.

Communication with other Pokemon players is very minimal and is almost entirely restricted to basic gameplay information entered on a player’s in-game ID card such as their nickname and how many Pokemon they’ve caught. Other forms of communication include emoji and basic phrases which are created from a list of pre-approved safe words.

Just Dance 2019

Ubisoft’s Just Dance video games are lots of fun for local multiplayer gaming sessions but they also feature some casual online multiplayer as well.

Referred to in-game as the World Dance Floor, Just Dance’s online mode has players dancing to the same song as other players from all around the world at the same time. There’s no verbal or visual communication with other players, however, you can see the top dancers’ scores update in real time which creates a sense of genuine competition amongst the participants.


Most children who have an interest in video games have likely played Minecraft, seen their friends played it, or watched a streamer stream it on Twitch or Mixer by now. Minecraft is extremely popular not just with junior gamers but also with many teachers due to its capacity for teaching problem solving and construction.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is an action-shooter video game that uses characters and locations from all three eras of Star Wars movies and cartoons. The graphics are simply stunning, especially on an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 pro console, and the sound design will make anyone playing feel like they’re in the middle of a Star Wars battle.

There are a variety of fun online modes for kids and adults to play in Star Wars Battlefront II with the two most-popular ones being Galactic Assault and Heroes Versus Villains. The former is a massive online 40-player battle mode that recreates iconic moments from the films while the latter lets the player play as iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, and Yoda in four-on-four team battles.

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