The not-so-humble PC is the biggest gaming platform on the planet, and will likely remain so as long as we have electricity and an Internet connection (in that order). Amid the sheer quantity of games released – thousands every year when you take the bright indie space into account – there’s a growing list of quality titles. The list below is all killer, no filler, and hopefully has something for everybody.


Come on, now. You didn’t think you could get through a best of list without seeing this did you? Though Fortnite has its detractors in the PC gaming community (think: that weird hatred that comes from being “too popular”) I have to give it its dues here today.

Basically, any game that is big enough to award a $3 million esports prize gets to be on this list by default.

“What’s a Fortnite?” you might be asking yourself, as you sit on Mars in your cave, with two fingers in your ears. It’s a third-person shooter battle royale that’s equal parts gunplay and building cubby houses.

Essentially, 100 players are air dropped onto an island and are asked to go the tonk until only one of them remains. Success revolves around tactically using your terrain (or just building your own to get that Obi wan “higher ground advantage”).

Scavenging the world for better randomised guns is also a must, as is getting out of Dodge when the playable area shrinks (out of bounds is cancer). Those are the basics of what can become an incredibly complex and intense online experience.

Go in forewarned, though: competition is fierce and the dance-based taunts from nine year olds, merciless.

League of Legends

I find it very unlikely that you haven’t already heard the legends of this. The legends of the ridiculously large league of players who play…er, well, League of Legends. Once played by roughly 100 million players globally, this multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA) has become an esport on its own level.

New champions are crowned constantly, too, as the tactics are ever-changing in this rapid-fire video game where actions and defeats are measured in milliseconds and there’s a playstyle for every taste.

You can doggedly hold choke points as a Leonidas-level tank, turn the fortunes of your team with a support class, or shred lifebars with the showiest crit hits this side of an anime.

That being said, a lot of hard work and preternatural hand-eye coordination stands between you and the big leagues. Effective time management of your forces and having good communication with players willing to dovetail into one cohesive strategy are a must.

Even better, a constantly expanding roster of champions means this hyper-competitive battlefield never has a chance to go stagnant. Consider yourself warned: the large-scale conflicts of League of Legends become sheer addiction in no time flat.

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